14 Best Laptop Backpacks Guaranteed To Keep Your Tech Safe

best laptop backpack

Say goodbye to your shoulder pain with the best laptop backpack for this year!

The best laptop backpack perfectly balances impeccable aesthetics, comfort and function. The ergonomic design distributes its content’s weight around your upper frame to keep you comfy and pain-free throughout the day. The considerable inner padding also guarantees that your laptop is well-protected from collisions, accidental drops and any other bumps you encounter throughout the day.

Our selection of the best laptop backpacks prioritizes comfort and convenience and features fashionable aesthetics that seamlessly fit your wardrobe and unique style. You’ll find that these laptop backpacks can double as travel backpacks or gym backpacks, allowing you to get the most out of these super reliable pieces!

The Best Laptop Backpack

We picked the best laptop backpack based on some key factors: ample inner space for your laptop and essentials, ergonomic design and impeccable aesthetics that you’ll look forward to wearing and flexing.

Having plenty of space for your laptop is not negotiable: you’ll want a spacious, fully-padded pocket for your laptop to keep it from rubbing against your zippered jacket or keys. We’ve also included models with spacious inner pockets that help you intuitively organize your studying and work supplies. The extra pockets will also prove incredibly handy when you take your trendy backpack to the gym, on bike rides or on overseas travels.

Without further ado, here’s our hand-picked selection, with the best of the best for you!

The Matein Best Backpack for Laptop

Best Laptop Backpacks 1
This spacious backpack comes with an outstanding ergonomic design

This Matein classic is the best backpack for laptop, and stands as a fantastic choice for college students, frequent travelers, and office workers alike. Its convenience-first design offers a TSA-friendly laptop compartment that generously pads your 17-inch laptop, while the larger main pocket can accommodate your clothes, books and various supplies. The front pocket reveals a storage bag for your phone, passports, keys, pencils and other studying essentials you wish to take with you.

This gorgeous laptop backpack features a premium water-resistant polyester fabric that wraps around your valuables and is one of the main reasons many consider it the best backpack for laptop. The fully adjustable shoulder straps come with a cushioned sponge pad that gently treats your shoulders. At the same time, its multi-panel ventilated back design keeps your back cool and supported throughout the day. As a bonus, this laptop backpack also has reflective stripes that provide high visibility and safety during the nighttime, making it a popular choice amongst bikers and joggers.

The Best Laptop Backpack for Travel

Best Laptop Backpacks 2
This gorgeous backpack also has a felt-lined pocket for your Tablet or iPad!

The Atlas by Everki is, by far, the best laptop backpack for travel. This stylish backpack offers a spacious, well-padded laptop pocket that effortlessly secures up to 17.3-inch devices. The Atlas offers wide, comfortable shoulder straps, a wheeled trolley mode, and an RFID-blocking pocket that keeps your passports, credit cards, and smart cards safe from illegal remote scans. You’ll also find designated spaces for your keys, water bottle, and books to stay comfy while you wait for your plane.

The Atlas is also considered the best laptop backpack for travel because it features a dedicated pocket system for your iPad, Tablet, and any other essential gadget you’d like to keep at arm’s reach. College students will also appreciate the extra space for books and binders and the optional trolley mode that helps you carry your essentials across campus.

Swissgear Best Laptop Backpacks

Best Laptop Backpacks 3
The 2769 ScanSmart offers all the protection and padding your 17-inch laptop could ever need.

The 2769 ScanSmart by Swissgear is one of the best laptop backpacks the brand has ever released. This stylish backpack accommodates a 17-inch laptop or a 17-inch travel monitor in its dedicated compartment, allowing you to take your work tool overseas.

You’ll also find the main compartment with an integrated accordion file holder and a second compartment with multiple divider pockets for all your books, files and study essentials. This entire section is protected with the patented TabletSafe technology that suspends your device to guard against collisions, bumps and falls, which is nothing short of fantastic!

When it comes to comfort, The 269 ScanSmart is up there with the best laptop backpacks. You can adjust the ergonomically contoured, padded shoulder straps to perfectly fit your back and shoulders ahead of a busy day at the campus or a challenging morning commute. The back section also comes with specialized padding to keep your upper body pain and stress-free throughout the day.

The Best Leather Backpack: The JAALD Rucksack

Best Laptop Backpacks 4
This classic leather backpack offers tremendous space at an excellent price!

The JAALD Rucksack is the best leather backpack in this price range, thanks to its beautiful style, sturdy grain leather, and numerous organizational features. This vintage rucksack takes inspiration from early 20th-century British explorers’ packs, perfectly complementing both rugged and elegant outfit combinations. The premium materials and internal padding also keep your laptop and other valuables safe at all times.

The best leather backpacks excel in delivering convenience, style, and durability, and the JAALD checks all these boxes with ease. This gorgeous laptop backpack offers a large front pocket, 2 generously padded inner partitions, and 2 full-size inner zipper pockets to keep your everyday tech and travel essentials neatly organized. What’s more, the JAALD comes with a top carry handle, adjustable straps, and an additional luggage strap in case you want to hook it onto a suitcase handle!

The Asenlin Travel Backpack For 17in Laptops

Best Laptop Backpacks 5
This spacious backpack comes with an outstanding ergonomic design.

The Asenlin Travel Backpack for 17in laptops features a convenience-first design that will change your life. The Anselin allows you to neatly organize and pack clothes, carry-on essentials, and your 17-inch laptop in a safe, dedicated pocket.

The Asenlin Backpack for 17in laptops offers quite the bang for your buck, considering its price, materials, and quality design. Versatile and perfect for traveling and daily use, this backpack for 17in laptops easily slips beneath airplane seats as long as you tuck away its straps. The backpack also retains a streamlined, lean look that looks nothing like those puffy backpacks that nobody likes to carry around.

This backpack for 17in laptops offers a small front bag and a bag mouth ready to keep umbrellas or water bottles at arm’s reach. The well-compartmentalized interior comes with the main storage compartment, a laptop bag, and a specialized tablet pocket that isolates your tech essentials from sharp objects that could scratch it.

The North Face Recon: The Best 17 Inch Laptop Backpack

Best Laptop Backpacks 6
The North Face is known for their premium extreme exploration gear.

The North Face Recon is the best 17 inch laptop backpack for outdoor enthusiasts. Endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), this 20-inch-high backpack is perfect for college students and outdoor enthusiasts looking for optimal weight distribution and ergonomic comfort.

The best 17 inch laptop backpacks are all about performance and durability, and this North Face model sticks to both. The spacious design of the North Face Recon allows you to easily carry any 17-inch laptop in its inner padded sleeve while keeping your books, binders, and clothes protected from the weather. Its beautiful presentations come with a durable water resistant (DWR) coating applied to its outer layer, making it an outstanding option for commuters and students that regularly deal with rainy weather.

The Best Protective Laptop Backpack 17-Inch

Best Laptop Backpacks 7
This futuristic-looking backpack will keep your tech essentials safe.

The Lenovo Legion is one of the best protective laptop backpack 17-inch models you can get this year. The Lenovo Legion has a special high-density EVA molded front shield that blew my mind: it can keep your tech items safe from falls and hits while offering a water-resistant PU fabric for rainy and snowy days.

As one the best protective laptop backpack 17-inch models of its kind, the Lenovo Legion offers generous padding throughout its compartments. You can even carry two laptops (a gaming one on top of a work laptop), and the Legion will handle its charger bricks and any other peripherals you’d like to take to your classes.

Thanks to its gaming design, the Legion has a separate pocket system that lets you keep two pairs of headsets, mice, and wireless keyboards, each on its own specially designed compartment. Even at full capacity, the Lenovo Legion has excellent weight distribution, going easy on your back thanks to its external padding and adjustable shoulder and chest straps. In other words, go with this beautiful carrying piece if you’re looking for a reliable and stylish backpack to safeguard your top-of-the-line tech essentials!

Backpacks For 17 Inch Laptop: The Solo New York

Best Laptop Backpacks 8
This unisex college bag is equally stylish and functional!

The Solo New York is one of the best backpacks for 17 inch laptops due to its sturdy polyester design, excellent padding, and impressive hauling capacity. You’ll be able to fit 17.3-inch laptops in a separate, 1/4-inch padded compartment and have plenty of room for drawing boards, 8-inch tablets, and a change of clothes.

This rucksack is one of the few Solo New York backpacks for 17 inch laptops sold with a 5-year warranty, which says something about its sturdiness. The modern-looking Solo New York offers strong polyester stitching and highly-resistant zippers to prevent tearing even after years of everyday use.

You’ll find that just like other Solo New York backpacks for 17 inch laptops, this model lets you effortlessly carry Bluetooth mechanical keyboards, external hard drives, hefty chargers, and portable power banks. The main compartment on this model has quite the usable space as it’s large enough to hold spiral notebooks, books, and snacks, on top of your tech essentials. Moreover, you also get two side compartments capable of holding 20oz. Bottles, wallets, and mini-tool kits for added utility!

The Best Laptop Backpack for Men

Best Laptop Backpacks 9
This spacious backpack comes with 3 large compartments and 20 independent pockets!

The Travel Backpack by Yorepeck is the best laptop backpack for men this year. This model features one large, extra-padded laptop compartment for your 17-inch laptop and three additional spacious pockets for your books, notebooks, cables and clothes. On top of that, the best laptop backpack for men features 20 additional independent pockets you can use for additional gadgets, pens and any other work or study essentials you’d like to take with you.

This reliable backpack for men perfectly balances convenience, style and durability. The water-resistant, durable polyester exterior and heavy-duty metal zippers keep your valuables protected from the elements, making it an ideal companion during rainy commutes in the city. The super-breathable back design also has an excellent heat dissipation design that keeps your back cool and dry as you head to work, allowing you to start your day at the office the right way.

Keep in mind that this TSA-approved backpack is also an ideal traveling companion. It comes with a handy external USB port to charge your phone (provided you have your own power bank) and a handy design that allows you to zip past airport security lines!

Best Laptop Backpacks for Men

Best Laptop Backpacks 10
This Targus backpack comes with a comprehensive limited lifetime warranty!

Targus makes some of the best laptop backpacks for men, and their Groove model is no exception. The Groove comes with a durable nylon build and a premium PVC bottom that will keep your valuable work tool safe at all times. This model also features a dedicated laptop compartment that can safely store your 17-inch laptop from sudden collisions, drops and random bumps. The lightweight design and water-resistant exterior also make it an excellent hiking and travel bag, allowing you to pack clothes and other essentials for your weekend treks or evening gym workouts.

The best laptop backpacks for men also feature a front section, which offers generous storage space for your tablets, smartphone, headphones and any other essentials you’d like to pack before you leave the dorm. All in all, this Targus laptop backpack is, without question, an incredibly safe purchase that will protect your valuable work and study companion for many years to come.

Best Laptop Backpacks Men: The Dell Pro

Best Laptop Backpacks 11
This eco-friendly bag will keep your tech devices safe and padded at all times!

The Dell Pro is one of the best laptop backpacks men because of its eco-friendly creation process. Thanks to the brand’s Ecoloop dyeing process, this low carbon footprint design offers next-level shock resistance and EVA cushioning while positively impacting the environment. This backpack comes with a specialized laptop compartment for your precious gaming laptop and a spacious main compartment for your books, documents and everyday supplies. The inner pocket system and zippered front pocket will help you store the rest of your valuables and work supplies in a neat, well-organized fashion.

The notoriously lightweight and comfortable design also makes this Dell model one of the best laptop backpacks men. The S-shaped straps dynamically contour to your shoulders and gently distribute weight all across your upper body. The air mesh back panel is, by all accounts, a favorite amongst those that live in warm weather or suffer from a sweaty back since it helps keep them cool and dry despite the heat.

The Tumi Laptop Backpack for Women

Best Laptop Backpacks 12
The Alpha 3 offers tremendous padding for your laptop!

The Alpha 3 by Tumi is, without question, one of the best laptop backpack for women this year. This laptop backpack for women features a well-organized inner pocket system that safely stores your media, electronics, business essentials and passport during overseas travels. Our favorite feature, however, is the dedicated extra-padded 15″ laptop compartment and complimentary padded tablet pocket.

There’s no such thing as too much padding when it comes to your laptop backpack for women. Keeping your precious work and study tool pristine through rainy commutes and accidental drops is, after all, what separates a regular bag from a specialized laptop backpack. The exterior pocket system for your water bottle, umbrella and additional items is truly the icing on the cake, and it’s something that busy college students and commuters praise alike.

This Tumi backpack is one of those lifetime investments that will set you up for good. While its durable FXT Ballistic nylon build certainly drives up its price tag, by all accounts, it’s completely worth it.

The Tumi Women’s Laptop Backpack

Best Laptop Backpacks 13
Tumi’s backpacks are chic and super practical.

The Carson by Tumi is one of the best women’s laptop backpack the brand has ever released. The entire bag features a lengthy zippered-pocket system that allows you to organize all your everyday essentials in minutes. First, we got the main zip entry, which reveals a spacious 15″ laptop compartment that can even house and properly pad a 16″ MacBook if needed. You’ll then notice a double-zip entry to a main compartment that can store your books or a change of clothes for when it’s time to hit the gym.

The lengthy zippered-pocket systems keep your gadgets and essentials organized and safe. The front straight pocket comes with a locking zipper pull for your everyday essentials and keys, as well as two side zip pockets for your water bottle and emergency snacks. You can wear this with a multi-colored striped fleece turtleneck, a pair of black jeans and matching leather ankle boots for a super stylish ensemble that perfectly matches one of the best women’s laptop backpack.

The Timbuk2 Womens Laptop Backpack

Best Laptop Backpacks 14
Timbuk2 is known for its comfort-first backpack designs.

The Division Deluxe by Timbuk2 is, hands down, one of our favorite womens laptop backpack for this year. This spacious backpack easily doubles as a premium traveling bag due to its intuitively-organized inner compartments and convenience-packed design. The back-padded laptop compartment comfortably fits up to a 15″ laptop, generously padding its interior to guarantee your work and study tool remains safe throughout the day.

On the other hand, the main compartment offers plenty of space for a light jacket, books and lunch, while its internal organizer allows you to store phones, pens and any other small gadget you’d like to take to classes. The rear panel features generous extra padding and a fully ventilated air mesh to keep you dry and comfy through the heat.

These comfort-first features make this Timbuk2 classic one of the best womens laptop backpack. It not only aims to keep you snug and comfortable throughout the day, but it also intuitively organizes and protects all your gadgets and everyday essentials. The fact that it comes with a fantastic price tag is the icing on the cake!


Finding the best laptop backpack for you is all about balancing your personal needs and picking a model that fits your budget. If we had to narrow it down to the two most important features the best laptop backpack must have, it’d be an ergonomic design and a durable design that keeps your tech valuables safe. We firmly believe our picks cater to these two critical requirements, but we’ve gone above and beyond to offer something exceptional.

The best laptop backpack should also showcase stunning aesthetics that perfectly fit your style and overall wardrobe choices. Looks matter, and it’s sadly an aspect that gets overlooked in our efficiency-obsessed society. Your backpack will become part of your ensemble, so it should always look equally fashionable, especially if you plan to take it to the gym or on your next trip overseas!

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