7 Wifi Cards for PC that Boost your Bandwidth!

Best Wifi Cards for PC

The best Wifi cards for PC add tremendous value and convenience to your everyday activities at an excellent price. This nifty hardware handles unexpected ethernet connection errors and allows you to create clutter-free minimalist setups, thanks to their Bluetooth technology.

Going for a fully wired setup is often inconvenient, especially if you’re forced to work in limited spaces. Sure, Ethernet connections provide PCs with untaxed bandwidth speeds and the lowest latency values for any online activity. But, sacrificing convenience and long-term comfort is not worth it, especially since the best Wifi cards for PC offer similar transfer rates and performance!

The best Wifi cards for PC are a game-changing solution for living spaces with poor ethernet access. Some landlords fail to adequately set up ethernet access throughout the place, forcing you to hire an expensive third party that does it for them. Thanks to the latest advancement in Bluetooth technology and Wifi card design, you can adapt, overcome and enjoy high-speed internet without compromising the quality of life and comfort you deserve.

The Best WIFI Cards For Pcs

The best Wifi cards for PC are the ultimate lifesavers. With the best WIFI cards for PC, you can temporarily reposition to use your generous neighbor’s Wifi or tap into your Smartphone’s data plan to get you through the day. It’s a temporary fix that can salvage an otherwise unproductive day at work or a highly-anticipated gaming weekend that could’ve gone sour. This is especially true if you have a Wifi 6 router that perfectly synergizes with your WIFI card for PC since it’ll avoid the all-too-common bottleneck issues that older routers cause (more on this at the end of the piece!).

Today’s PCIe WIFI card also offers new Bluetooth tech and convenience to your everyday setup, allowing you to streamline your entire work process and setup. The best WIFI cards for PC allow you to pair AirPods, wireless headphones, remotes, and gamepads within an impressive 500 feet range. You could comfortably use your desktop PC as an entertainment center, watch Netflix series from a nearby couch, or enjoy an action-packed gaming session while sitting on a lazy boy!


Best Wifi Card for PC 1
This Wifi card significantly increases your wireless internet speeds and boosts overall connectivity with peripherals.

Guaranteeing ethernet access to every room in the house can be expensive and complicated, especially if you’re not an expert with tools at your disposal. Thankfully, this Wifi card allows you to maintain your download speeds high and your latency low at all times at a great price. The Ubit 6E is one of the best Wifi cards for PC due to its next-level compatibility with 6th-generation routers and powerful signal range, making it an ideal choice for this year.

With this Ubit WIFI card, your PC receives and transmits up to 5400 Mbps of data on demand, which is more than enough for online gaming and demanding 8K video streaming sessions. Thanks to its 5dBi antennas, you can get a stable connection through brick and concrete walls up to 200 feet away from your router.

This small but powerful WIFI card has two highly underrated features: it saves valuable PC case space and offers a 5.2 Bluetooth transmission. You’ll also love this WIFI card if you’re a fan of micro motherboards and minimalist builds because the Ubit 6E leaves plenty of room for your video card and streamlines inner cable arrangement like no other. Plus, the less space it occupies, the less airflow restriction and heat signatures it’ll produce!

Best Wifi Card for PC 1 1
Clutter-Free workspaces make it easier to focus and process information.

Speaking of minimalism and convenience, the Ubit WIFI card 5.2 Bluetooth is perfect for connecting wireless keyboards, mice, headphones, and even digital drawing boards. This nifty hardware will instantly declutter your workspace by removing cables and other wired connections.

You can either download the Wifi card drivers from Ubit’s website or use its ancient mini disc to get your hardware ready for work. Alternatively, you can use a PowerISO free trial to create a virtual disc you can use at any point. Doing this is recommended for anyone who regularly reformats their PC for maintenance purposes since you might not have access to a wired connection next time you reinstall your OS!

The Ziyituod 6E WIFI Card For Pc

Best Wifi Card for PC 2
This WIFI card adds excellent versatility and resilience to any PC setup.

The Ziyituod 6E WIFI card for pc sounds like a mouthful, but don’t let its name fool you: this one is a high-quality add-on for any desktop PC. The Ziyituod allows for more than 2400Mbps of bandwidth speed (which is way more than the 940 Mbps download speed offered by today’s top ISP plans) and has that super helpful 5.2 Bluetooth technology.

The Ziyituod 6E WIFI card for pc is excellent for tiny motherboards that don’t come with a built-in WIFI adapter. Mini CPUs are a cost-effective and cool alternative to your typical entertainment center since they perform tasks that would otherwise require multiple consoles and gadgets. They also allow you to turn small rooms (such as attics) into fun, personalized spaces you can retreat after a tough day at work.

With this red PCIe add-on, your powerful multipurpose PC can pair Bluetooth devices such as sound bars, headphones, remotes, and controllers while using its graphics card to output video feed at the best quality. You can set up a mini projector pointing at an angled ceiling and use it as your primary display and still get all the functionality of a PC with a stable and strong signal to a nearby WIFI 6 router.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have an ethernet port nearby: with this WIFI card for pc, you’re guaranteed a solid X FEET range thanks to its 6 dBi antennas! This level of versatility turns a Wifi card for PC into a critical component amongst PC users who wish to get the most out of their rig. There’s no need to forgo a highly reliable wired connection, but there are also zero reasons not to add layers of versatility to your desktop PC.

The Archer TX50E Pc WIFI Card

Best Wifi Card for PC 3
TP-Link PC WIFI cards are one of the most famous (if not the most famous) hardware addon in the computer world.

The Archer TX50E pc WIFI card is part of the most famous line of PCIe addons in the computer world, so the brand needs no introduction when it comes to wireless technology. Together with their line of 6th generation routers, the AX3000 module on this PC WIFI card delivers some of the best connectivity and lowest latency levels among its competitors.

This PC WIFI card also makes the most out of the 6th Gen transmission, reducing latency from 36 ms to a mere 7.6 ms as long as you’re within 65 feet of your router or extender (the range of its two 5 dBi antennas). Because of its sheer power and low-latency design, it’s considered one of the best wifi cards for gaming in the market.

Best Wifi Card for PC 3 1
Nothing like wireless technology to make your home office feel more welcoming and organized.

Having a pc WIFI card is extremely helpful if you’re relocating your home office into a more secluded and quieter area where you can fully concentrate. If you’re having trouble hooking an ethernet cable all the way to your new workspace, then the Archer TX50E can save you a headache and a potentially large bill! Just add this incredible PC Wifi card to your work setup, and you’re good to go.

TP Links Latest Line of WIFI Card: The Archer TX575E

Best Wifi Card for PC 4
WIFI cards with extended platforms are a gamechanger!

TP-Link’s latest line of WIFI cards can get you some pretty darn good speeds in setups where most PCIe cards would underperform. For instance, the Archer TX575E introduces a small two-antenna platform that connects to its main body through a cord to maximize its effective range.

WIFI cards with antenna platforms are excellent for setting up shop in secluded places such as basements, garages, and attics. You can get a strong signal beneath your house floor, only losing about 10% to 20% of your total bandwidth speed when most 5th generation WIFI cards would lose almost 80%!

Best Wifi Card for PC 4 1
The Archer TX575E gets excellent signal strength even if it’s docked onto a basement PC.

If you’re turning your basement into a mancave or an ample home office, the Archer TX575E will keep your desktop PC online and operational until your ethernet setup is ready.With the Archer TX575E, you no longer have to put off moving your desktop PC to the basement, mancave, or new home office!

This Wifi card will keep your setup online and operational until you get your fully-wired ethernet setup ready. Alternatively, you can stick to your wireless setup and its powerful Bluetooth 5.2 technology to keep your space cable clutter-free.

Pro tip: you can easily detect your home’s WIFI sweet spots by downloading the WIFI from Google Play Store into your phone and doing some exciting tests around the place! You can pinpoint precisely where your setup should be for optimal data transference and overall convenience!

GIGABYTE WIFI Antenna for Pc: The GC-WBAX200

Best Wifi Card for PC 5
This Wifi antenna for PC is perfect for gaming and network-intensive activities.

We couldn’t let the GIGABYTE GC-WBAX200 WIFI antenna for pc out of this list, especially since it was built for a better gaming experience. This Gigabyte WIFI card comes with a compact 6th generation module that saves you valuable space within your case. This WIFI antenna for pc is also perfect for PCs that struggle with airflow and internal temperature since its compact design steers clear from your GPU’s airflow space.

Best Wifi Card for PC 5 1
This WIFI antenna is just as sophisticated as any top-tier gaming setup.

As always, to get the most out of this tiny WIFI card (and its modern WIFI antenna for pc), we recommend you get a WIFI 6 router to broadcast your internet connection. Intel Motherboard users will want to get the latest Intel WIFI driver for ac connections, as it will allow the GIGABYTE GC-WBAX200 to receive the absolute most of your ISP bandwidth.

You’ll also notice the Alienware-Esque aesthetic of the WBAX200 WIFI antenna for pc, which looks fantastic in a minimalist gamer setup. Thanks to its extended cables, you can place its tiltable magnetized base as close as possible to your room’s WIFI sweet spots. Thanks to the Wifi card’s built-in Bluetooth technology, you can also pair multiple peripherals simultaneously.

The Linksys AC1200 WIFI USB Adapter

Best Wifi Card for PC 6
Maximize your wireless reception and performance with this handy wifi USB adapter!

The Linksys AC1200 is a superb Wifi USB adapter that instantly boosts your work laptop’s reception and overall performance. If your desktop PC’s built-in Wifi module malfunctions, this portable USB adapter will step up to the plate and get you back online before you know it!

Brass Tax, PCIe cards always deliver better internet speeds than Wifi USB adapters, but they’ll still offer excellent stability and performance when you need them the most. Hardware failures can occur at the most inconvenient of times, which is why most remote workers using laptops or desktop PCs keep this handy addon at arm’s reach!

As the saying goes, readiness is all. Many setups depend on a single ethernet cable to keep everyone in the house online and happy, even though a single component can cause the entire network to fail. We highly recommend you get a trusty Wifi USB adapter you and your family can use while the tech guy gets to your place. Doing so will spare you headaches and missed deadlines like you wouldn’t believe.

If your PC doesn’t have a Wifi card, no biggie: plug the AC1200 WIFI USB adapter into a 3.0 USB port, and you’re all set for both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wireless connections, regardless of your router generation and technology.

The TechKey Dual Band WIFI Dongle

Best Wifi Card for PC 7
The TechKey is the dongle version of a PCIe WIFI card with an extended base.

The TechKey AC1750 is the closest thing you’ll get to a powerful PCIe WIFI card in the shape of a WIFI dongle. This fantastic USB addon is similar to the Archer TX575E (two 5dbi antennas and a platform to maximize reception), which you can plug into a USB 3.0 port whenever you need it!

This trusty WIFI dongle is simply one of the best plug-and-play WIFI adapters for connecting to any public and private use routers, regardless of their generation. Even though it is not as small as the Linksys AC1200, you can quickly get up to 1300Mbps from 6th-generation routers. If you have a desktop PC without a Wifi card attached to its motherboard, you can plug the Techkey Wifi dongle into its base to get the most out of your home’s premium Wifi spots. Thanks to its dual-band antennas, you’ll get a strong signal and a smooth internet experience regardless of where you decide to set up your home office.

Best Wifi Card for PC 7 1
Using this TechKey dongle as a WIFI hotspot is such a high IQ move.

If you’re a computer science college student, you won’t believe how much value you’ll get from this Techkey WIFI dongle. For starters, it’s perfect for study groups that like to brainstorm in coffee shops or empty classrooms where the Wifi is usually awful. You don’t even need to take the Techkeys base with you, as you can plug it into your laptop, activate your notebooks hotspot function and amplify a much better signal for everyone!

Why You Need a WIFI 6 Router For Your WIFI Card

The changes and upgrades implemented by tech manufacturers took us from 5th Generation WIFI to the brand-new 6th generation architecture. The reason was simple: our increasingly internet-dependent lives demand lower latency across the board, higher bandwidth speed limits, and improved connection stability.

The thing about 6th generation WIFI is that routers now have 12 streams spanning from 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, breaking the previous generation limit of 8 in a dual-band configuration. At first glance, this might not sound as much until you realize that a 6th-generation router can transmit 9.6 Gbps of bandwidth speed.

WIFI 6 also introduces a new form of encoding and emitting data upon its multiple carrier frequencies. The latter is known as orthogonal frequency-division multiple access (OFDMA). Without getting too technical, this allows a WIFI 6 router to connect to multiple clients simultaneously instead of handling a single device per one of its channels.

The result? Lag is significantly reduced while distributing top bandwidth speed to multiple devices with minimal close-range packet loss (due to its improved signal stability). In other words, given that the best pc WIFI cards are WIFI 6 compatible, you’ll get the most out of a 6th gen router. These cards will still work with previous-generation routers, but they’ll bottleneck your overall performance since they adapt to your router’s current Wifi capabilities.

Regardless of your choice, these Wifi cards will allow you to freely relocate your desktop PC around your place. Ethernet points won’t limit you, and you’ll still be able to stream in 4K or 8K resolution video, thanks to your next-level Wifi connectivity. The best Wifi cards for PC will also open the way to minimalist wireless workspace setups that will boost your productivity: You’ll be able to pair up multiple peripherals thanks to the cutting-edge Bluetooth technology or supercharge your laptop’s WIFI signal and hotspot capabilities!


There’s no reason not to have a handy Wifi card or Wifi USB adapter for your desktop PC. Even if you already have your PC plugged into a modem or a Wifi router hub, there are many advantages to having a budget-friendly backup in the form of the best WIFI cards for PC. Let’s say your MotherBoard’s ethernet port suddenly malfunctions, your router’s ethernet hub stops working, or even worse: your ISP suffers an outage in your location. Unless you’re remote-working from your laptop, you’d be temporarily disconnected until you or your ISP finds a solution.
You can instantly sidestep all these unfortunate scenarios (and stay productive) with the best Wifi cards for PC. An easy-to-install, inexpensive contingency such as a WIFI PCIe card or a WIFI USB adapter (also known as WIFI dongles) will keep you online and working without a hitch!

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