Alpharithms is a small site with the ambition of supporting students, programmers, and computer science enthusiasts. The website was launched as a platform on which study notes, code examples, and summaries of articles could be made available for easy reference.

The mission of Alpharithms one of education—above all else. The Alpharithms’ position is that new problems, new technologies, and new paradigms are best explored openly, collectively, and in a way that is easily accessible.

The website is currently divided into three primary sub-sections:

  1. Code Examples & Tutorials
  2. Articles & Blog Posts (mostly about Computer Science)
  3. Reference Materials (charts, tools, etc.)

These sections are likely to be ever-evolving so don’t get too hung up on naming conventions (we aren’t.) If you feel a better labeling system or better organizational hierarchy is possible please reach out and offer your suggestion.