The Best Razer Keyboard for Every Activity

Maximize your productivity and gaming skills with the best Razer keyboard!
Best Razer Keyboard

Whether you’re a die-hard gamer, or a busy developer working on a deadline, the best Razer keyboard should be an essential part of your toolkit. Razer has, after all, earned quite the reputation amongst gamers who demand perfection for their peripherals.

The best Razer keyboards, however, can also deliver top-notch performance and a premium typing experience in work environments. The brand has successfully branched out to customers with a productivity-oriented mindset, combining its world-renowned minimalist aesthetics with practical designs that make work easier.

The Best Razer Keyboard

The best Razer keyboard delivers top-notch performance, excellent tactile response, and next-level comfort to its lucky users. Their ergonomic designs have become the golden standard in working environments and cutting-edge gaming competitions, making them a must-have amongst habitual PC users.

This is no small feat, especially if you consider the role that our keyboards play when it comes to input. Developers and office workers create tools and earn their wages with their keyboards, while gamers interact with their world and outsmart their peers with this essential tool.

Today, we’ve assembled an all-star selection of the best Razer keyboard for every occasion and trade. Whether you’re a freelancer needing ergonomic relief, or a programmer seeking to take their productivity to new heights, you’ll find that the brand’s vast catalog has something tailored to your needs!

Best Keyboard for Developers: Razer Huntsman Keyboard

Best Razer Keyboard 7
The Razer Huntsman Elite keyboard offers that ergonomic, premium feel developers need.

The Razer Huntsman keyboard is, by far, the best keyboard for developers the brand has to offer. Programmers quite literally earn their income with their keyboards: they learn languages, create tools, and face daunting job interviews alongside their trusty peripheral. By adding the Razer Huntsman keyboard to your arsenal, you’ll be able to maximize your WPM (words per minute), overall productivity, and comfort for years to come!

The Razer Huntsman Elite keyboard features the patented Opto-Mechanical switch, which allows you to send signals at literal lightspeed. This system uses continuous laser light that is interrupted when you depress the key, thus sending the proper signal.

The Razer Huntsman keyboard requires a lightweight 40g of actuation force, which is perfect for developers and writers. The keys are soft enough to prevent fatigue and heavy enough to prevent constant typos (which tends to happen with sensitive keyboards). This outstanding balance and calibration allow developers to maximize their WPM and productivity!

The Razer Huntsman keyboard is also incredibly sturdy. It has a quality matte aluminum top frame that guarantees its structural integrity. The 100 million clicks support, combined with an impressive 2-year manufacturer warranty, turns the Razer Huntsman Elite keyboard into a long-term investment you’ll treasure for years.

The Huntsman V2 Razer Gaming Keyboard

Best Razer Keyboard 8
This Razer keyboard significantly lowers input latency, giving you an edge against your competitors.

The Huntsman V2 Razer gaming keyboard features a truly revolutionary improvement over the rest: analog control. The V2’s analog technology works similar to a controller’s joystick, giving each key a variable actuation point that returns different input, depending on the amount of force it receives. For instance, let’s say you’re playing an FPS game and you wish to run: instead of pressing your run key, you can press W faster to run faster in a straight line. Similarly, you can press your “A” or “D” keys with varying intensities in racing games to overcome light and sharp turns.

Your Huntsman V2 Analog Razer gaming keyboard offers this bespoke gaming experience through its complementary Synapse software. Since it’s such a groundbreaking approach to gaming, the Analog system is entirely optional and customizable, allowing you to choose whether you’d like to enjoy the latest advancement in input technology, peripherals, and gaming.

This Razor gaming keyboard also features the brand’s patented Optical Switches technology for maximum responsiveness and its Linear Optical Switches sound dampener for a quieter gaming experience. The softly padded leather wrist rest is the icing on the cake, allowing you to comfortably rest your hands at a natural angle as you outplay your competitors.

Tournament-level players favor the Huntsman V2 Analog Razer gaming keyboard because of its super-low input lag and stellar responsiveness. This essential feature gives you an advantage over enemies with run-of-the-mill keyboards since their input lag and poor responsiveness puts them one step behind you.

Razer Wireless Keyboard for Home Offices

Best Razer Keyboard 9
The Black Widow Pro adds portability, convenience, and comfort to your home office setup.

The Razer Black Widow is our favorite Razer wireless keyboard for home offices and freelancers. The Razer Black Widow specializes in next-level ergonomic comfort thanks to its two incline settings and fully detachable, padded leather wrist rest.

This Razer wireless keyboard comes with a low to medium actuation force of 54 g, making it an ideal choice for writers and remote workers that consistently work with deadlines. The actuation force is the force required for a keyword to register your input, and the Razer Black Widow natural setting is designed to actively prevent fatigue. The key is simultaneously resistant enough to prevent accidental typos (due to hypersensitive keys) but smooth enough to keep your fingers comfortable during an all-nighter.

The Razer Black Widow is a mechanical keyboard, but it allows you to choose between its standard clicky Green switches or the Yellow linear switches. The Yellow switches include sound dampeners and remove the traditional tactile bump you’ll find on many stock Razer wireless keyboards. This translates into super smooth, near soundless keystrokes that perfectly adapt to those who prefer to work in a quiet setting.

The Razer Black Widow comes with superb wireless versatility, with complete Bluetooth support (including multi-pairing technology), as we as the brand’s Hyperspeed technology for reduced latency. You can use its dedicated receiver or active Bluetooth to pair up with your device of choice.

The Razer Huntsman Mini for Small Setups

Best Razer Keyboard 10
This Razer mini keyboard is the perfect candidate for limited work surfaces.

The Razer Huntsman mini comes with the most compact and portable build in the entire brand’s catalog. It trades its function row, home cluster, and Numpad section for a compact build that fits into any small desk or reduced home office. You can still access these inputs through secondary functions and shortcuts, which is a major advantage if you need your Numpad for work!

This Razer mini keyboard comes with a low-profile build and ultra-responsive Optical Switch technology. The keys have a premium, soft feel to them that feels wonderful even after hours of continuous usage. The sound and overall feel combination is just a joy to experience, and it’s something that the brand always manages to get just right on each release.

The Razer Huntsman mini is, unsurprisingly, a very popular choice among gamers too. It comes with a highly-advanced analog mode and fully programmable macros that allow you to execute complex commands with a single key. It also frees up premium desk space for a larger mousepad or additional accessories and gadgets, which certainly appeals to anyone that needs the extra room.

The Razer mini keyboard also features a quality aluminum construction and oil-resistant Doubleshot PBT keycaps to keep the grime at bay. Because of its multi-purpose design, we believe the Razer Huntsman mini is the best Razer mini keyboard for small spaces.

Best Keyboard for Graphic Design: Razer Blackwidow Keyboard

Best Razer Keyboard 11
This Razer classic offers tremendous convenience at a great price!

The Razer Blackwidow keyboard is the best option for graphic design and 3D modelling. Designers always need shortcut keys and macros to automate all sorts of tasks across multiple applications, and the Blackwidow keyboard offers unmatched macro support through its Synapse software. This essential feature dramatically boosts productivity and convenience across the board, allowing you to streamline repetitive tasks in a heartbeat!

This full-size model allows you to choose between the brand’s Green switches and Linear Yellow switches. Green switches have that signature clicky noise that mechanical keyboards offer, while their Yellow counterpart muffles sounds for a quieter experience. Both choices feel smooth and responsive to the touch, allowing you to customize your Razer Blackwidow keyboard to bespoke perfection.

Another highly underrated features are the specialized media keys and built-in volume control wheel. You can fire up your favorite Spotify playlist and ease into the zone with your favorite tunes by your side. You can stop, skip and play songs with a single key and use the media volume wheel to sing alongside your favorite artists if the mood strikes. Because of its equally convenient and comfortable design, we believe this Razer Blackwidow keyboard is the top choice for designers and 3D modelers!

The Best Razer Mechanical Keyboard for Working From Home

Best Razer Keyboard 12
This Razer model is perfect for color-neutral, minimalist setups.

The Razer Pro Type Ultra is our favorite Razer mechanical keyboard for the year because it comes with the brand’s premium feel, responsiveness, and durable build. This Razer mechanical keyboard deviates from the brand’s futuristic, high-tech aesthetic and offers something completely new that seamlessly fits into minimalist workstations.

This Razer mechanical keyboard is probably one of the boldest designs the company has released in decades. Mechanical keyboards are known for the super satisfying tactile feedback we experience on each press key and release, as well as the unmistakable click-clack that follows. This keyboard preserves that super-satisfying tactile sensation and combines it with the silent linear key system.

The result is a highly comfortable and satisfying typing experience, minus the excessive decibels that follow each keystroke. Don’t get me wrong: it’s not a completely silent keyboard, but it’s not as loud as your traditional mechanical keyboard. Razer has perfectly balanced that delightful responsive feel with a sound level that is unlikely to bother your coworkers during a work call.

The Razer Pro Type is also the best mechanical keyboard in terms of portability and versatility. You can link your Razer mechanical keyboard using its native GHz RF wireless connection or Bluetooth. Both are potent choices that will guarantee that your Razer mechanical keyboard always stays responsive.


The best Razer keyboard is, in essence, a multi-purpose keyboard that will continuously deliver top-notch performance and a premium feel for years to come. These premium products are designed for PC users who understand the importance of having quality peripherals that can effortlessly handle their input needs.

The best Razer keyboards are also known for their exceptional comfort and durable designs. They have become the golden standard for other companies that seek to match that unmistakable premium feel that your fingers need. Our selection truly has something for everyone, mainly because these products come with an affordable price tag that adapts to limited budgets!

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