Fixing the Logitech G600 Double Clicking Issue

I love my G600 mouse but when it starts sending unexpected double-click signals my productivity starts dropping. Fortunately, this timeless IT advice usually fixes things in a cinch!
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I have been a long-time user of Logitech products and have very few complaints. My go-to arsenal has been a Logitech G600 mouse and G610 keyboard for a number of years now. However, I often find myself dealing with an annoying double click issue with my G600.

The Problem

The normally amazing G600 programmable mouse by Logitech suddenly starts sending double-click signals whenever the LMB is clicked. There is a non-zero chance this happens with other buttons as well—but the LMB is the only one that I experience issues with.

The Fix

There are several approaches to getting a G600 mouse to quit sending double-click signals. They are listed here in order of commitment with notes on my successes over the years.

Unplug it and plug it back in

Frustration Level: Cut it off and on again, LoL

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When in doubt, just unplug it and plug it back in.

I allow many problems to fester much longer than I rightfully should before trying the ‘ol cut it off and on again routine. In some cases, I’ve found the g600 double click issue can be remedied by simply unplugging the USB connection, waiting a moment, then plugging it back in again. It doesn’t always work—but it’s nice when it does.

Unplug it, press the LMB repeating with force for ~30 seconds

Frustration Level: I’m stopping mid-project to fix this

g600 LMB double click issue
Repeatedly “mashing” the LMB while unplugged often solves the double-clicking signal issue (Jackhammer to Solve)

I resort to more forceful tactics when the simple unplug and plug back-in approach doesn’t work. After unplugging my G600 I forcefully (read as hammer incessantly) press the LMB button, bang the mouse around on my desk, and chant a few key swear words. It works—I don’t know why or how—but this has solved the double-clicking issue with my G600 at least 5 times in the past 2 years.

Switch profiles in Logitech G-Hub

Frustration level: This is worth the risk of disappearing my favorite profile settings.

g600 ghub profile change
Changing profiles in the G-Hub devices management software sometimes solves the problem as well.

I have never found much to complain about regarding the G-Hub device management software. It lets one conveniently manage device settings, save data to the cloud for backup, or even store on-device (in the case of the G-600 at least.) When the previous steps don’t work I have had luck (at least once) in resetting my device profile and starting fresh. This can get a bit sticky—my suggestion is to only try this option if you’ve noticed a software update recently.

Adjust Windows Mouse Sensitivity Settings

Frustration Level: New mouse is ordered but this is driving me crazy.

At this point, we enter the territory of adjusting system settings to accommodate hardware bugs. When it comes to essential components like GPUs, CPUs, Fans or etc. I consider OS adjustments fair tradeoffs in many cases. I’m much less keen on tweaking OS settings to fix a faulty peripheral. Nonetheless, Windows allows users to tweak mouse settings than can provide yet-another option to fix the G600 double click issue.

windows mouse display settings
Windows’ “Change the mouse pointer speed or display” Option Allows Users to Adjust Mouse-related Dynamics (click to enlarge)

Installing Macro Software

Frustration Level: I’m digging out my two-button mouse if this doesn’t work.

I’ve never gone down this path but there exists software such that one can ignore click-signals from one’s mouse within a certain threshold of frequency. In other words, a software solution to ignore clicks less than ~30ms apart (adjustable to frequency.) Being that I’ve never tried this option personally, I won’t make any product recommendations. If you have used such a product in the past don’t hesitate to reach out and describe your experience (maybe we can include it here!)

Final Thoughts

If all the above options fail there is always the option to buy a new G600 mouse. I have become such a fan of this mouse over the years that I hardly think twice about picking up another one. Currently, I estimate I go through one g600 every 1.5 years on average. That’s like ~$20/yr which I am happy to pay for the boost in productivity I get from this product.

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